Sunday, December 30

Uncommonly called

Last night Lisa and I went to church after hanging out with an old friend of hers. (The stories they bounced back and fourth indicated to me that they had known each other a long time.) At church our assistant pastor, Tim Jack, delivered a message on 2nd Timothy 2:3-6. (I will post a link to the sermon once it goes live on the church website)

I thought that the sermon had a lot of application to me from this past year and what I have learned from the cancer I have battled through.

The first part of the sermon dealt with the fact that as Christians our life is not our own and we have been bought with a price (Jesus' crucifixion on the cross) and like a solider if we are to be effective for Christ we need to "follow orders" and to be dedicated to the instructions God has given us in the bible.

It really resonated with me as I felt like I have been put through a "boot camp" of sorts this past year. As I have said often here I don't know what God has in store from me, but I'm willing to follow instructions to be more of an "Uncommon" person.

Lisa and I staid up late last night playing some DDR (Dance Dance Revolution on the Xbox) and then watched a movie and then went to bed. I was a little shocked this morning to hear my phone ringing at 6:00am. My grandfather (Dad's dad) had been hospitalized earlier that morning because of a fall and the paramedics said that it looked like a massive stroke. (Brain bleed?) Originally with that news we were under the impression he wouldn't last the rest of the day, so we got ourselves up to Everett to see them. It turns out it wasn't a stoke and he is doing "well". He is going to stay at the hospital until they find an extended care facility for him.

Lisa and I then came home and went back to bed to fill in the rest of the 5 hours we had gotten last night.

Niko comes home next weekend and we'll be reorganizing our condo to make sure he and everything else fits properly. No big plans for New Years Eve, but I sure am glad to see 2008. I am praying this next year will be considerably less "medical" than last year.


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  1. Ben, you're such a sweetheart (for the blog comment). You have lived these past few months with so much courage and you inspire so many with your incredible outlook. Thanks for being such an inspiration to all of us. I'm so proud of you! I'd love to see you do Dance Revolution. I'll bet you've got some mean dance moves.


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