Saturday, December 29

'Tweening into the New Year

Tween Party Pictures can be found on Facebook as well as the usual place I keep pictures. (in the picture link up under the pull down menu) Lisa and I have decided that the 3rd Annual 'Tween Party (07) was a success. We had over 35 people come through (with more that promised to be there Day of, but somethings came up) and there was more than enough food and goodies to keep everyone happy.

The 'Tween party is a great time for people to catch up and talk. We had some people around that we haven't seen in a good while. A great part about the party as well is that generally everyone ends up talking to someone new. (Which is why we have people put on name-tags so that it helps the mingling.)

It is good to be able to throw a party like this (BIG thanks to the Massingills for letting us host the party there!) especially after going through some of the stuff I have experienced this past year. I think I have a new found appreciation for large gatherings of people that I didn't have as much before.

Lisa and I are still waiting to hear details back about the Guatemala trip so we will let you know more about it when WE know more about it.

Also please continue to pray for my continued recovery from surgery. Last night as I was moving around a lot I was noticing how weak I am from where I was a year ago. Lisa and I would like prayer as well for the upcoming trip and wisdom for that.

Thanks again for all the support!



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