Friday, December 7

this (fragile) tent

I've come to realize these past few months that the flesh that we cling to so firmly to is really a very fragile tent. It's not hard at all to damage it or to somehow put a serious hole in it. Then when you damage it it takes so long to repair. It's scary to be how fragile I am, and I wish I wasn't so frail. It really serves as a reminder that I am more than just this set of flesh and blood. That I have an immortal inside that can live forever. God has given us souls that are to endure much longer than the flesh tent they are currently housed in. This reminder to me serves two purposes: 1. All life is precious, and everyone has a soul. 2. No matter what might happen to my "tent" right now, I know that the insides are guarded and watched over my God so no matter how tattered the tent might become the insides are what count.

I came home on Tuesday afternoon, and since coming home I haven't had to take any pain medications. My soreless level is kind of like I had done a bunch of situps yesterday and am only just feeling it today. My energy is returning to me slowly and each day Lisa and I walk farther and farther than we did the past day. I can only take it as a miracle that less than 2 weeks after major abdominal surgery I am in no pain and I am as mobile as I am. That is a praise!

A prayer request would be that I would continue to gather my strength and am able to sleep at night. My dreams are... haunting and I would like to get to bed at a decent hour and be able to sleep without waking up plagued by dreams I can't forget.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support.

Lisa and I would also like to formally announce our 3rd Annual 'Tween Party is now set for the 28th of December (Friday night) at 7pm. It'll pretty much be an open house at the Massingill's house where everyone is encouraged to bring something (food wise) to share. (Pot-luck) Invites will be going out via eVite and Facebook. If you don't get one and would like further details please email me and I will get an invite to you!

Praise the Lord this Holiday season!



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