Thursday, December 13


I met with the Radiological Oncologist (a fancy way of saying "The Guy who zaps cancer cells") today with my Dad (who was kind enough to drive me bright and early this morning) and it seems like some good-ish news. They originally said that most treatments like this are 6 weeks long and I have to go in once a day Monday through Friday. A LOT of driving for me.

After talking it over with some doctors though it looks like I get 2 treatments a day for 2 weeks instead. (With a possible 1 week extension if needed)

They said I will feel fatigued but that should really be the only side effect. I could be nauseous after the radiation as well, but that depends on what they are zapping.

They are hoping to be able to start on January 7th, which means I would be free of cancer treatments by the end of the month of January. (for the time being, and Lord willing a while? (Forever Lord?!)) So thank you all for praying, this is good news about the length.

The next step is a meeting with my surgeon on Tuesday.

Thanks again!


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  1. Boy...who'd a thunk last January on your 25th birthday that on your 26th birthday you be receiving radiation treatments. Wild.

    I've had one person offer to drive you to radiation treatments (if they fall on her day off) if Lisa needs the car. I thought that was nice, as I know those kind of days may come.

    Glad to hear of the diminished time frame! Push on to that California trip in the spring!!! ("What are you doing when you finish radiation treatments?" "I'm going to Disneyland!")



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