Monday, December 24

Pre-Christmas Cheer

Lisa and I spent a wonderful weekend up on "the island" with Lisa's folks and sisters. We are spending Christmas with my family so Christmas Eve (today) is going to be spent with the Massingills.

Healing wise things are going really well, strange as it sounds my abdomen area just feels like it has been sunburned. (And thus cloth rubbing against it is a bit grating but I assume that will continue to heal as time goes on as well.)

It's strange to be starting to gear up for a whole new year. Earlier this year I wasn't entirely sure I would be seeing a new year and everything that brings. Praise the Lord we have made it this far and Lisa and I are starting to plan a few things for the start of the new year. We appreciate EVERYTHING all of you have done to help us this past year and hope you won't be strangers this upcoming year as we continue on this adventure God has set before us.

Christmas letter tomorrow as our gift to you and probably some pictures as well. Merry Christmas everyone, and don't forget the 'Tween party. It's an open invite!



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