Saturday, December 8

It's hard to laugh when you're in stiches

Last night Lisa and I hosted some friends over for some "get in the holiday mood" sugar cookies decorating and Grinch watching. (Ryan and I also took the time to swap Christmas gifts. Me coming away with an HD DVD player for the Xbox and him getting away with nothing but Irony. Thus far, Ryan, it is the high deffiest gift I have received this year. Thank you. (Ryan was really just getting me back after I pooled a whole bunch of people together for his birthday last year and bought him an HD DVD Player. All's fair in HD and War though I guess...))

Anyway, last night went well, cookies were consumed, we were saw all the Who's in Whoville and I had to stop myself from laughing a number of times because when you have a big gash in your abdominal region that is still healing it hurts to laugh. (Lisa finds this tremendously funny when I tell a joke and find it funny enough that I make myself hurt.)

Recovery wise things continue to recover. Physically getting stronger every day and learning how to make myself tired enough during the day that I don't stay awake at night, but still having a lot of really strange dreams.

Thanks again to everyone for the support and love these past few weeks. You are all part of my recovery!



  1. I'm home in less than 7 days (YEAH!!!!!). We shall have some serious painting parties...well, I can paint. You can make use of that sweet HD DVD player. I mean, you could paint if you wanted to...maybe I'll bring you some finger paints. :P I have a LOT of painting to do in a few weeks. Ba-ring it on. :)

    Oh, Adam wants to have a season 1 office party. We should get that one rolling sometime.... See ya in a few days!

  2. Come on over!! Does anyone have Office Season 1 in HD??
    I think you can watch the whole season is about 2 hours... wow, a marathon w/o a potty break.
    I would laugh so hard if you got Ben to use finger paints, Beth...

  3. R. Palmer5:11 PM

    An Office Marathon would be awesome! And in case anyone's wondering, it hasn't been released in HD yet, any format, though I'm not sure why. NBC released Heroes in HD DVD, so why not The Office?! :)

  4. Let's do the office. I'm not sure when, but we should. It would be fun. We could bring a huge jar of M&M's and someone could be in charge of the party planning commitee... I think it would be worth it.


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