Wednesday, December 26

how could you eat that!?

People often claim they feel guilty for eating cookies because of all the empty calories they contain. Well the solution is quite simple. Make a cookie that makes you feel guilty for other reasons than the calories for eating it. With a face like that how could you eat it?

That picture was swipped off of Lisa's new camera from when we went out to tea on Saturday with her family when we were up on the island. That was one of the desserts she had on her plate.

Oh, and those of you in the area probably experienced it, but those of you NOT in the area didn't get to experience the snow we had for most of the morning where we were! The first time it has ever snowed for Christmas in my life. It was pretty cool.

Lisa took today off and we have been slowly cleaning up the house from the various Christmas gifts and what-not. We also took this time to mess around a bit. Here is a picture of Lisa rocking out to her new I-pot. (I kid you not that is the name for the little tea kettle with built in infuser. It's probably an attempt to cash in on the "non-hip technical crowd" who when they hear "I want an iPod for Christmas!" and then go shopping think, "I-pot... I think they said they wanted one of those...". Tea instead of Tunes this Christmas. (However Lisa loves her Tea)

Doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon. I get to have some tattoos put on me so they can line up the radiation machine in the same place each time. (No point in double nuking me when I have a chance to avoid that...)

And a friendly reminder that the 'Tween Party is still a go for Friday night. Details available if you want them.

Thanks again to everyone for all the wonderful love and support these past months. Lisa and I are very great full for everything you all have done to show your support.


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  1. That has got to be THE saddest looking cookie I've ever seen. It just needs a trembling chin and tears welling up in those big, black, soulful eyes....


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