Friday, December 21

Hoist the mast and set sail!

I am ready for some holiday time and I think Lisa is as well. She's been getting headaches every night this week and I think it is time for both of us to spend some time with friends and family and just relax.

Last night we hung out with Beth and some of her friends at a "swanky" Pool/ bar place. (I rarely... ok never go to such places so it was kind of fun to people watch in that environment.)

Tonight my sibs and Lisa's sib(s?) are coming over for some Pizza and a bit of the TV show "The Office". (And Ryan is coming too... who happen to just feel like family) Then after we're done partying a bit we're going up to "The Island" for the weekend. Hopefully Lisa will be headache free and will be able to relax and enjoy this upcoming weekend. She's bringing the new camera along so we should have some pictures to show on the other side of the weekend.

I wanted to let you all know that I will be posting our Christmas letter on Christmas here. So if you didn't happen to get one in the mail you can read it here. (I will also try to attach the pictures.)

Posts this weekend might be scarce, so if I don't see you until Christmas... Merry Christmas.



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