Saturday, December 15

Healing continues

On Thursday when I saw the nurse in radiology she said my area of surgical activity was healing up very nicely and I could probably start to remove the little silk bandages they put over the cut. So I've slowly been doing that. (Being as the surgeon will want to see the site on Tuesday and instead of having HIM rip them all off I would prefer to get them off myself so I don't hurt like crazy all in one day.)

When I look down at the site I think to myself, "Hey, that doesn't look too bad." and then I'll walk by a mirror with my shirt off and be like, "Woah... that is a pretty serious incision there." It really boils down to a matter of perspective. The nurse said however that it looks pretty good and I haven't had any complications in healing/ getting better.

I feel sick in the mornings sometimes and I'm not sure why that is, but generally easing into food for the day helps with that. (IE: No large breakfasts for Ben)

Tonight is Lisa's work Christmas Party so we'll be driving up to Snohomish to enjoy a dinner "on the boss". For the rest of the day though I will be working on our Christmas letter and getting it ready to mail out. Those will go out Monday and most likely I'll end up posting the same letter on this page (complete with pictures) sometime by the end of the week. (This way those of you that read the blog will have gotten your letters already and not simply cast them aside when they arrive in your mailbox, AND those of you we don't have mailing addresses for can read up on what's been going on in a digital format like you do every day here.)

Thank you all again for the continued support and prayers. I really think that those prayers are what is helping me to heal and do as well as I am doing. Without your support and God's intervention this would have a much different ending.



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  1. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Being in the room when the nurse took off the ONE strip, 29 more in one day would not be a happy thing.

    Just really glad that all is going well. Hopefully the doctors and nurses are noticing how well things are going too. God is still the healer and the ONLY one that can heal.

    Dad/Pappa P


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