Thursday, December 20

The Goods

Yesterday after dropping Lisa off at work I made the trek down to the Seattle waterfront to the Edgewater hotel. There I got to participate in the Taproot Theatre Company Christmas party. It seems for the past few years they have all gotten excited about the eggs benedict that the Edgewater makes up so they bring in trays of the stuff. I however am not a fan of eggs or benedict, so I simply contented myself with the breakfasty potatoes and various assorted pastries. (My appetite still not being what I wish it was I don't think I really made any kind of dent in either the pastries OR the potatoes.)

Following the breakfast was the annual white elephant gift exchange. It's a chance to get rid of things that would be classified just above trash (or possibly "pretty trash" or "working trash") and to see how we juggle it around the room and laugh at some of the outrageous things that people paid money for at one time in their lives and also to see what kinds of trash gifts people will fight over. All this would be an interesting social study in any environment, but add to the fact that these people are drama/ theatre people and the entertainment level goes up a few notches.

Following my trip to Seattle I booked it back to this side of the lake and had lunch with my friends at Google. (You know, the ones who have been pressuring me to submit and application/ resume to Google? (With friends like these who needs a temp agency! =) )) Now I have only been in 1 Google building but the contrast from the (numerous) Microsoft buildings I have been in was... dare I say extreme? The general types of people in such places seemed about the same but the environment was way different from MS. (I don't know how much I am allowed to talk about so I will keep it short) Anyway, I think I discovered yesterday if I plan on working for a large mega-corp it'll need to be more like MS and less like Google in the environment. I really would have a very hard time working in that type of environment. (Plus I think I am starting to learn that I have a serious like for Non-profits, so I think I'll keep my hat here in the non-profit ring for now.)

Last night Lisa got a call from an older friend about a project that might be happening (or not) and I got to talk to him for a while as well. He's the only person I have talked to so far that has been through radiation treatments. He gave me some tips and suggestions. I think it'll probably be a little rougher than I expect right now, but at only 2 weeks of it I don't think I'll have a problem making it through.

Lisa and I hope you are having a great holiday season and are looking forward to Christmas. (We asked each other the other yesterday if we feel better giving a gift or opening them. It's an interesting question to think and/or talk about.)

Reminder that Lisa and I are throwing our 3rd Annual 'Tween Party on the 28th of December at 7pm. Email me if you didn't get an evite and would like one! It's open to everyone who wants to come!

Thank you for your continued support and prayers!



  1. So...what did you end up w/ from the gift exchange? What did you give?

    I vote for giving a gift--even though it drives your sister CRAZY how long I take to pick them out and how much I agonize over them once procured. Ah, the privileges of having a melancholy temperment!


  2. As far as giving/receiving gifts, we decided that either way it depends on how much thought is put into the gift. It is much more exciting to give a gift you've thought about, waiting for the recipients reaction. It's also a lot more fun to receive a thoughtful present!


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