Saturday, December 1

Darn catheter

From Ben: "I'm pretty tired today. I'd like to continue to ask for prayer for healing and endurance. All the doctors have been pretty good."

According to the doctors & surgeon, he's looking much better! The surgeon mentioned that we could probably take him home Monday or Tuesday, which seems almost too soon to me.

Last night Ben had a somewhat tramatic experience with his catheter. It was leaking and needed to be replaced. A couple of nurses tried unsuccessfully and caused him a lot of pain. Later a doctor in general surgery, so young Ben assumed she was a nurse, did an amazing job getting it back. If you don't know what a catheter is... well... ask your mom :)

Ah, snow. Anyone feel like skiing?


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  1. Hmmm...hard to imagine Ben being released so soon when he's only getting a clear liquid diet and is still catheterized...don't be afraid to stand up for what you think is right (or not right), Lisa!

    We're very glad, though, for how Ben is progressing! Who knows, maybe he'll like this walking thing and it'll become a habit!! (I think he needs new shoes, though. The ones he wears are pretty old. Walking in worn out shoes will bother his pronated ankles.)

    Paul and I are continually blessed by your love for our son. You are such a woman of honor!

    Mama J


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