Tuesday, November 6

Wow... a little extra

Some of you may remember that back at the start of this year Lisa and I were planning on going to the UK in September. Well several things happened preventing us from going on that trip. The Lord blessed us with the foresight to buy travelers insurance so that when I canceled the plan tickets and $500 was non-refundable we submitted a claim to the travel insurance. Well, after 3 months we heard from them. Last night Lisa and I received a reimbursement check in the mail for the amount that the airlines didn't refund us. We were pretty skeptical that we would ever see the money and that the insurance agency would find some sort of loop hole that would allow them to not pay us for the services we had paid them for. However, even though we were pessimistic, God is good we were surprised by the extra we were given this month. (Which will probably go right into savings so we can save it for our next vacation.)

This time change stuff is really strange. I went to pickup Lisa last night, at the normal time, and it was dark already. 5:15pm and it's dark already. That and the sleep pattern thing is all thrown off by the time as well. My body says, "It's 10pm go to bed!" while my head looks at the clock and says, "Nope, only 9. Gotta stay up and find something to do."

Yesterday for dinner I made "Red Beans and Rice" which is kind of like jambalaya in a couple of parts. It was, I thought, pretty good. (Another creation from the Best Recipe Cookbook) Those Creole dishes can be pretty tasty sometimes. Tonight we'll be keeping it simple with left over soup and Caesar salads.

On the sickness front I am doing well. I am continuing to heal. On Friday when I went to the ER they took a blood sample and it looks like my blood is kind of back to normal. There are still some areas where is is lower than it should be, but platelets are back in the normal range and my white blood cell count is higher than it has been in MONTHS.

I would appreciate your prayers as Lisa and I continue to battle through this together. Still no word on when I will be seeing the surgeon again, but I will keep calling and bugging them about that. Thanks!


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