Sunday, November 4

while the men were out...

Friday during the day my face started to hurt. By the time I picked Lisa up from work it was hurting a lot. We called the "nurse care line" and they suggested we go to the ER. So we made a quick trip to the ER where they scanned me and poked me and found nothing wrong with me. However they gave me some pain meds, which made the pain go away, but also had the side effect of making me feel very nauseous. Anyway, following that unexpected side trip a couple guys came over and we loaded up a couple vehicles and headed up to the Massingill's place on the island.

We spent the weekend up there playing video games, eating, watching video games, snacking, and generally doing other such activities. We had a great time together and I think it would be an activity we would do again... just with more people next time.

I'm feeling pretty well today, a little tired after such a long weekend, but I'm eager to spend next week at work. (My boss at NSB is gone for the week so I'll be manning the "ship" and making sure nothing sinks.)

Thanks everyone for the prayer, support and emails!



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