Monday, November 12

Vacation for some! Not for most...

Veteran's Day, much like President day. The day you got off when you were in school and are now surprised, that you have a real job (unless "real job" is teaching or working for the government.) that you no longer have this day off. Touted as the "last holiday before Thanksgiving, it now is nothing more than a line of black text on a calendar square and an annoyance when you swing by the bank. Only to find the doors solidly locked and no one around except for the other 2 people at the door who are trying to figure out why the bank is closed. I think if we get memorial day off that Veteran's day should also be off. Why celebrate the dead veterans in style and not the living ones? Veterans: we appreciate you, even though only the government and the banks take the day off, and the rest of the world keeps on turning. Know that you are appreciated and you are doing a job that I don't know that I would be brave enough to do.

Last night my head started to feel a bit better and when I went to bed it was really nothing more than an obnoxious headache. (no trip to the ER for me) Woke up this morning with a little bit of pain, but that faded when I started to move around a bit.

Tomorrow I get details (weather I want them or not) about what the surgeon will be doing to the inside of me. I don't think I want a whole LOT of information, at least not BEFORE the surgery. But I guess I need to sign release forms so I need to hear what needs to be done. This is a very good time to be reminded that things are in God's hands and that no matter what happens He is in control. (which is really easy to remember when there is pretty much NOTHING I can do about this cancer)

Following the surgery though I will have a good week and a half before the surgery and then December for recovery I would assume. There are several things Lisa and I need to plan for being as I will probably not be very helpful through the first part of December. (Like do we get a Christmas Tree? Will we have our annual 'Tween Party this year? Etc, etc)

Reminder that the night before my surgery we are having a prayer meeting. I'd love to see you all there. If you need more details follow the link or email me.

Prayer requests: First of all for tomorrow that God will grant me the strength to hear how the surgeon plans to get this cancer out. (And that he will be able to get it all!) I'm also going to try and take it a little bit easier in the future. I realize there is work to be done, and I enjoy a large amount of my work, but I need to realize that people should come before work, and to keep an eye to my health as well.

I also wanted to link to an EXCELLENT sermon I heard on Sunday that covers suffering and other things I have been dealing with that I think a lot of people should hear.

Thanks for the wonderful oceans of support! (I really need it!)


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  1. I love this quote from my good friend, Bob Rasmussen:

    "When we go through trials as believers, it is as if we are in a little rowboat out on the high seas. We are weak and very vulnerable to crushing waves and sharks. But if we pull back for a wide-angle view, we see that our tiny craft is actually floating in the swimming pool of a huge ocean liner. The gargantuan ship easily takes on the waves and handily repels the sharks while we move ahead, shielded by the strength of the steel hull around us." This is the "bubble" of God's grace.

    May the grace of God carry you tomorrow as you face yet another unknown (to you). Just remember that you are safe on board the ocean liner of His protection.

    Dad and I are praying for you and Lisa.



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