Wednesday, November 21


We are but 15 minutes from the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US of A and I wanted to detail to you all some of the things I am thankful for this past year:

First of all I am thankful for my wonderful wife who has added much more to my life these past few months. Secondly I would like to thank my parents and Lisa's parents for their unrelenting love and support this past year as well. Thirdly I would like to be thankful for all of the people that have been praying for me and giving me the much needed support to get as far as I have with the cancer.

I am also thankful for a good many things that I don't want to fill up pages and pages of this blog with. (People, books, games, conversations, nurses, hospitals, etc) I am sure you are all aware of the rough road it's been these past months and I still have a lot of road ahead of me (I would assume) but I am in God's hands and no matter how things turn out He is in control.

I hope you all (if you are in this country celebrating the holiday or not) take time today to stop and consider what God has done for you. Even in the bleakness you might be facing you can trust that God is guiding you.

Thanks for the support, and please don't forget that we are having a prayer meeting on Sunday night. (my Pre-op Prayer meeting) But even if you can't be WITH us on Sunday we really appreciate your prayers no matter where you are.

Thank you all for everything and a Happy Thanksgiving to you!



  1. We are still praying! We love you and are thankful for the blessing you are to us!

    Riva & Will

  2. Glen & Nancie Schaumloeffel12:24 PM

    Ben & Lisa,

    We are thankful for the example that you have set for our family of persevering in trial, of having an implicit trust in God in all things, and for honor God and his word in the midst of suffering. Our Sunday evening Theology class will be praying for you here in Sunriver with the rest of group at Crossroads.


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