Saturday, November 10

take a quick break

Yesterday at work I had to rescue an area of the building from a lack of network connection and in the process ended up wearing myself out doing it. Then last night we had Lisa's sister and her boyfriend over for dinner (I made pulled pork sandwiches) and we played some games. However by the time 10 o'clock rolled around I could barely keep my eyes open. So yesterday was busy, but it was good.

Today we'll be celebrating my sister's 21st birthday and my brother's 24th birthday. Dinner at the folks and Lisa and I are providing the dessert. (Which means our kitchen (at 11am) already smells of cooked goodies.)

I wanted to thank everyone for the support emails and comments I've gotten from my last couple of entries. I've been really tired these past couple of days and have been suffering from some sinus pain on top of it. That and thinking about the upcoming surgery had gotten me down a bit. Thanks for everyone who bolstered my spirits and reminded me about God's work in my life.

I need to get back to washing dishes, there are a lot of them. (Dinner parties and more complex entrees make for some extra dishes in the kitchen.)

Thanks everyone for the continued support!



  1. And it sounds like you guys are eating a whole bunch of really amazing meals!

  2. Anonymous7:17 PM

    hey ben,

    The Lord knows your struggles and questions, concerns on your upcoming surgery, HE has helped you and pulled you through all the rigorours chemo treatments and now is the final chapter of this journey.


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