Tuesday, November 13


I really don't have anything against science, it's God's gift to man to be inquisitive and to discover things about the world around him. To set out to discover the deeper wonders of God's creation. What I DO have a problem with is people who put their sole faith in science. Those people are hard to deal with when it comes to looking at me and my cancer. I think perhaps not only do I want to survive this thing for my sake and the friends and family around me, but I REALLY want God to prove those people whose faith lies in the numbers wrong. I would love to be able to stand before them completely healed and say something to the effect of, "My God has healed me, and it was in SPITE of your numbers and statistics."

I can't live in those numbers, there is no hope there. However small those numbers are God is in them though. I trust God has a plan for me and while from where I stand I have no idea what that might be, I have more hope in that unknown that in the tangible "numbers" of science.

Lisa and I are off to see the surgeon in less than an hour, he is a man of science. I need prayer that his faith in his numbers won't rattle my hope. My God is bigger than ... well everything, I just need to keep an eye on that and ask that the people I encounter here on earth do their best at the jobs God has given them. (Like being a surgeon.)

Thanks for the endless support.



  1. All I can say is Praise God and we are praying for you Ben.

    In Christ,


  2. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Science is wonderful. But science is NOT a personel God who knows and loves us. Science is a system of observation only. Used properly it shows us how wonderful and amazing creation is. In the end though, it is God who has created ALL things, yes even this cancer. It is God who has allowed the doctors to learn about it and how to treat it. It is God who allows the healing. Is this cancer a bad thing? Not if it has brought you and those around you to a closer relationship with the One who cares for us. God is the great Scientist. He already knows the answers.

    Dad/Pappa P

  3. We're praying for you Ben and Lisa! -Sarah and Steve

  4. Anonymous3:36 PM

    The fear of the LORD leads to life; then one rests content, untouched by trouble.
    Proverbs 19:23
    May your awe of the LORD overwhelm those numbers; may you rest content.
    Mare Sullivan


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