Friday, November 2

the scary blessing of sickness

The scary blessing of sickness, or trouble, or anything that "takes you out" of the normal, everyday swing of things is that you are presented with the opportunity to see God more clearly. Those details that stood in your way on a daily basis that hampered me from talking to God and hearing His voice start to fall away and you are left with your big trouble that you have to present to God. God then begins to work. There is no surprise that in looking back after I have passed through this storm that I will be amazed at the path I have walked and the things I have learned and the things that God has taught me. One big lesson in this time has been that God is in control and weather I make it through the storm or not, God is the one that decides that and I have been blessed with the chance to see God better because the little things have been stripped away.

I hope that years from now I can remember this and not mind the details that arise from everyday living as much as I used to.



  1. Rarely are truer words spoken, Ben. We (myself LARGELY included) often get too caught up in the sheer pandemonium of life that we neglect (or at least lessen in importance) the things that are eternal. God and His people are worth infinitely more than anything this world can provide. Thank you for helping me remember that.

  2. YOU GO!!!!! You are making your parents, and MUCH more importantly, your God, VERY pleased with you!!!!!



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