Monday, November 19

Less than a week

I feel like I should take pictures of my abdomen now before it's all scared up. At this point next week odds are good I will be unconscious and the surgeon will have his knife in me.

I'm going to spend this week hanging out with friends and family and making sure things are ready to go for my "month off".

I had an MRI this morning. The funny thing is that the doctor won't get results back until Wednesday. Then it's break time, and then I have surgery. So this was really just an exercise in what it's like to get an MRI for all the good the data will do me for the next 3 weeks. My face was hurting yesterday and a bit today as well, odds are good I probably won't feel it again for a couple of weeks should I be on painkillers.

I covet all your prayers and please don't forget on November 25th at 7pm we are having a prayer meeting at my church. I would love to see you if you can make it, but I would appreciate your prayers from where ever you are at.

Thanks again.



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