Thursday, October 25

Surgeon apt

Finally a bit of news about meeting with the surgeon! Tuesday, don't know what time yet, is the day I will be meeting with the surgeon. I'll get more information then and have some idea of what the "end" of this will look like.

Took today off and odds are good I'll be out tomorrow from work as well as I seek to get over this cold I have so my body can continue with "normal" healing. I'm feeling better than I was a couple of days ago but a cold and chemo recovery make for a weak body.

Lisa and I have been blessed this week by some wonderful people who have provided us meals, and then all sorts of wonderful people who continue to pray for us. We appreciate it a lot, and hope that you will be blessed as we have been.



  1. Anonymous7:44 PM

    Hi Ben,
    Uncle Mick and I read your blog faithfully and want you to know that we are praying for you all the time. We also have numerous friends who are aware of your need and standing with us as we plead to God on your behalf. Hope that you have peace of mind as you discuss the next step with your doctor. Thanks for sharing from your heart. You and Lisa are much loved,
    Aunt Rolane

  2. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Hi Ben,

    There is always a beginning and there is always an ending in life & what you have to deal with, God knows the ending, God will provide, and will give wisdom to the surgeons, nurses, etc. involved in this last stage of your struggle with cancer.

  3. To previous commentor,
    Your comment leads me to believe that you haven't been following Ben's blog and story. Please be careful in your comments. My son is nowhere near the end of his life or in his last stages of cancer. God has given us scripture upon scripture that says He is doing a great work in Ben and Lisa's lives. While not meant to discourage and frighten, your words came out that way. Please, please be more thoughtful in your what you say.

    Thank you,
    Jenifer Morrell


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