Thursday, October 18

Storms a com'n... I can feel it in my knees

The old sea leg is acting up again, that and the power. So the big wind storm is supposed to sweep in around 2 and last until about 11 tonight. However as a means of preempting the potential power outage the storm could cause the power went out here at our house at 9:20 this morning. It remained out until about 10:30 and thus far is back on. I am writing this blog entry quickly in an attempt to get it out before it possibly goes dark again.

Thanks everyone for the support from the things I discovered yesterday. I will have more waiting to figure out what it is I need to do, but for the time being I have been given the weekend. I plan on enjoying this one.

Going to put in some hours at work today and then small group bible study tonight. It's nice to get back to doing some normal things between doctors and hospitals.


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  1. Anonymous7:57 PM

    Praise God!
    The waiting is an opoprtunity to continue to build faith and confess what He says about us or listen to the liar, the enemy and lose faith and change our confession. Stand strong on the Truth and the Word of God


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