Wednesday, October 31

Stat in the box

Like a jack in the box the statistics about my cancer keep popping up and I don't really think those numbers are really any help to me but that they in fact hinder the healing process. (more mentally than physically) I work pretty hard to keep those numbers pushed into a little box in my head so that they don't go swimming around in my head all day long. Sometimes, like when meeting with doctors, that box breaks open and all that information and data comes spilling out. Then I have to spend the next couple of days remembering that my trust and faith aren't in man's ability to take things out of me and kill bad things in my body. My trust and faith are in God who created my body.

I wanted to give you all some more information. The surgeon who will be working on me has performed 4 other surgeries on this type of cancer in his career. Due to the rarity of this cancer that practically makes him an expert.

I am trying to get together another prayer meeting for the 25th of November (just before I go in for surgery) to get some people together to pray for me and the next couple of days. I'll release full details on that when I have it.

God is in control. With something as bizarrely rare as this cancer is I can't help but wonder at what God is doing in my life. This is a trial by fire and I am curious at what the end holds for me. I thank you all for your prayers, and thank you all for the encouraging emails. I go back and look those over when I need reminders of God's love.

I've got from now until the 26th of November "free". Please keep me in your prayers, the surgeon is going on vacation for about 3 weeks in November, please keep him in your prayers that he stays safe as he travels AND that he gets a good well rested vacation. If anyone wants to see me, "have coffee", or hang out for a bit don't hesitate to contact me. I'm pretty open to that. If you can't travel up here to see me then you can always feel free to email me.


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  1. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Mom and I discussed a bit last night about how God and His promises have not changed! Some of the information or how it is delivered may change, but God has not. He has given soo many promises as to you and getting better, that has not changed. I think we all (all of us involved and that are praying for you) look forward to seeing what is in store for you and Lisa in the (many) years ahead.



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