Wednesday, October 3


I really have no idea why but last night I COULD NOT sleep. I don't know if it was because I was used to a more climate controlled room for the past 10 days or if I was used to sleeping some way at the hospital that I don't here, but it was seriously 4am before I was able to get any sleep. (And that was on the couch)

I know I am going to be hurting for sleep this morning and afternoon but I really shouldn't let my body take an overly long nap. Otherwise the exact same thing is going to happen to me again tonight.

Today is my first day back at freedom. It is really nice to get out of there. At the time it all kind of flows together, sometimes quickly, sometimes not, but looking back at it I just realize how much time I spent in there.

Prayer today would be that I could stick to the whole "no long nap" thing, that I could sleep regular hours tonight, that my Oncologist would call me back and work out details for what to do next, and that I would quickly recover from the side effects of this last chemo.



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