Monday, October 15

most pain evar

So the CT scan today went well... the time leading UP to the scan however did not go so well. They tried 3 times to get the IV in me (taking about an hour and a half to do it) and it hurt a LOT. Probably the most pain I have experienced since I started all this cancer stuff. They were heat packing my arms and all sorts of stuff. They used a small needle and everything. It was NOT a happy time for me. However I made it through and got the scan and will be waiting until Wednesday for those results.

I got to the hospital about 12 and left at 3. When I got home I just crashed on the couch because my hands hurt from the pokings and needles. The people were excessively nice, though. That is something I appreciate: if the experience is going to be a bad one you might as well remember that the people were nice to you.

Thanks for all the prayer and support today, it wasn't a fun day.



  1. Sorry about the poking and pain, but I'm glad God provided staff w/ a good bedside manner. And I must say you're dealing w/ the difficulties like this better than you used to, so that's cool and a blessing I can see thru you. Have been and will continue to be praying...

  2. Anonymous1:39 PM

    oh Ben, so sorry to hear about your IV ordeal, i've been there once and i will remember that 4 the rest of my life.

    my tips for IV's are warm packs and high gauge needles 19, 20, and deep breathing right before they stick you and looking straight ahead or at the TV, i don't focus or look at them putting it in, b/c i get a lil woozy.

    i will pray that the rest of your week goes will and that the Lord gives you the strength you need.

  3. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Am continuing to lift you up in prayer. May the compassion of the staff during the CT scan yesterday linger long after the memory of the IVs has receded; and may those unpleasant memories fade quickly.
    The LORD will never leave you nor will He forsake you.
    Mare Sullivan


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