Wednesday, October 17

It's... news.

Well, after 30 minutes of waiting and 5 minutes of Doctor we have some results. It looks like the tumors haven't shrunk much beyond what they looked like the last time I had a CT scan. The Doctor said however that a CT scan cannot tell them if what they are looking at is cancer or scar tissue. (He's guessing more scar than cancer)

Because of the lack of change since the last scan he is in communication now with the surgeon and is making a choice about weather I need a 7th round of chemo or not. So pretty much at this point we continue to wait and see what happens and what the doctor's decide.

I at least get another weekend free. Thanks to everyone who has voiced their support and sent me encouragements. The news isn't as great as I had hoped for, but it's not "bad" news per se. We're going to have to wait and see what God has in store for me.

Thanks again for all the support!



  1. Anonymous4:02 PM

    Oh yes, you have lots of prayer and support. Isn't it great to know how many people love and care about you?

    Still praying...

  2. sarah5:19 PM

    I'm sorry that you didn't get the "good" news I'm sure you were hoping to recieve. Your mom said it in a great way - God already knows, He is revealing it to you and to us as time goes on. I am praying for you, I hope you have a really enjoyable weekend chemo free!

  3. Glen Schaumloeffel10:55 PM

    Whatever tumors remain or do not remain, they have no bearing on your security in Christ...on His absolute sufficiency...or on thie promise that nothing shall separate you from His love (Rom. 8:38-39). You are showing remarkable courage. More importantly the depth of your faith in a soverign and loving God is a testament for all who struggle to trust God when times are tough. Keep running the race Ben. We are running with you!

  4. Anonymous11:12 PM

    Dear Ben,

    We, along with Slovene believers,continue to pray. Thanks for being so frank regarding your fear--even fear of the 'good doctor'. I am praying that the Lord will so overwhelm you with a sense of His presence that the fear will shrink and anything left will just be scar tissue...and scars are marks of healing.

    Patty Davis, Slovenia

  5. Anonymous8:34 AM

    Ben -your journey and how you are walking through this is amazing to me. You are an inspiration. Thank-you for writing about all you are thinking, feeling and experiencing in such an honest way. I have been blessed by you and don't even really know you. You are in my prayers.

    Tracy Laas
    (in the music dept. upstairs)

  6. Pen Cook9:15 AM

    Ben - I am praying for you man. Your faith and perseverence is amazing, you are a blessing to everyone around you.

  7. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Hi Ben,
    You are an inspiration to me as you walk this path. Your FAITH and TRUST are evident. I will continue to pray.


  8. Anonymous2:44 PM

    Glad it's not any bigger!! Praying for you and Lisa night and day. God is still in control and He will never fail you. No matter what. Praying with you for wisdom for Doctors and total healing. God is able! Love and prayers, Lyn Rasmussen

  9. Anonymous6:12 PM

    I'm praying for you as you hang in there and wait on God to continue revealing His plan to you.

    May God continue to calm your fears, bless you with supportive friends and give wisdom to your doctors.



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