Wednesday, October 24

A cough, a sneeze and a Dr.

Essentially no word from the doctor other than "The surgeon wants to talk to you." This coupled with a "if you don't hear from him give him a call." (And then being provided with the phone number for every Doctor at the UW) I haven't heard from the Surgeon's office at all so I am going to call them today and leave a message. It sounds like this guy is a teaching Dr. at the UW so I expect he is pretty busy and don't really expect to hear back from him in the next couple of days. Thus the waiting continues...

Which is ok because the cold that Lisa and I are fighting our way through is a doozy. Last night was my father's birthday (Happy 19th anniversary of your 29th B-day DAD!) so I drove up to Bellingham yesterday and picked up my sister from school. We surprised my dad with her presence and then we went to dinner at Marie Calendar's where my brother and his wife met up with us. (The whole clan was there) I think Dad had a good time, I know that despite the fact that Lisa and I were feeling icky that we had a good time.

After the party Lisa and I came home and I went right to bed. I got 11 hours of sleep last night, and for anyone who knows me will realize I must have been sick because I wake up at about 7 hours of sleep and have a hard time getting back to sleep after that.

I thank you for all your prayers and support. Thank you. I think tonight is another early bedtime. I would skip out on work today but there are some emergencies that need to be handled.



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  1. Maybe he's a virtual doctor, which almost sounds feasable, except for the fact that he's a surgeon...


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