Saturday, October 27


Another weekend, and another week past free from the body damaging effects of another round of chemo. What does next week hold? Who can say but our God. We do know that there is an appointment to talk to a surgeon, but after that it's a little foggy.

Lisa and I are almost over our colds! Praise God it seems like most times I or Lisa get a cold it will linger for 2 weeks or so. Thus only having it for 1 week is great news. Thanks for all the prayers and support.

Lisa and I have a much toned down weekend from last weekend, but we will enjoy it non-the-less. I have a hankering to try frying something... perhaps doughnuts sometime this next week.

Lisa and I finished watching Alias last night. We started watching it about the time I got sick in May and have just now wrapped up watching all 5 seasons last night. An interesting series with a touch of irony and sadness at the end.

Also I would like to thank the Graham family of Seattle for their gift the other day. I look forward to reading it and applying what I learn to the website. Thank you.

God bless all of you this weekend, and thank you for your continued support and prayers. I'll keep you updated as interesting thoughts or things happen!



  1. Graham's5:54 PM

    Wow, thanks for mentioning us in your blog! We do appreciate your writings and hope you enjoy the book. You are in our prayers. Lord bless, Karl, Tammy, Katy and John

  2. YOU FINISHED ALIAS! I'm so happy for you. We'll have to discuss it interesting. And I do want to have coffee with you; are there any online coffee shops we could meet at? Or how about one half way, like in Oregon?

    --Cheryl, CA


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