Tuesday, October 2


They say that is when I can leave. 3 this afternoon. Praise God. My 10 day stay/ ordeal in the hospital is almost over. Please pray that the transition to home would be a good one.

Thanks you all for your prayers and support. They mean the world.

Later thoughts:
Tuesday, 3pm. I will be going home! Praise the Lord this long ordeal here in the hospital is finally over. It's one thing with Chemo to KNOW how long you're going to be in for (down to the hour) and can plan for that accordingly. But in this type of case tomorrow might be your ticket home or Sometime next week. No one will give you any answers, because they don't know. Mean while I sit here and try not to feel sick. But that is over now! I'll be home this evening! I just need to wait out the next couple of hours and I'll be homeward bound. It really does something for your level of patients though when you're locked in and essentially can't go anywhere for who knows how long.

My thanks to everyone to offered to help spring me out. I'm sure between all of you they would never know that I had even left. Now it's time to be disconnected from the tubes. I'm going to take a shower to kill some time and then lunch after that, then maybe some reading... who knows. Maybe I can work it out so I get out of here earlier than 3.

Thanks again for all the support!



  1. Serena12:39 PM

    Yay Ben!! I hope that Lisa is feeling better too...

    Stay strong!

  2. So you're learning to be a "patient patient." :-)


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