Thursday, September 13

We'll see how it goes...

I got my blood drawn this morning and ended up spending somethings like 30 minutes sitting around and shooting the breeze (chatting) with the nurse who draws my blood. We are both fairly sensitive to medication so we were swapping medication stories.

As some of you might remember I discovered a bit ago that I have an "adverse reaction" to a drug called Raglan. It's supposed to be for several things but it combats nausea fairly well I am told. In me however it makes me paranoid and I can't stop shaking. I was told later by a nurse that there is a drug they have that cancels the effects of Raglan and that someone could have given that to me.

Flash forward to a time or two ago when I had a blood transfusion and my heart went crazy and it felt like I had worked out too hard. Turns out I have an "adverse reaction" to benedrill as well. My nurse was telling me that her son had the same effect when he took benedrill. I hurt for 2 days afterwards because of the way my muscles tightened up.

And now we come to today, as the nurse and I are swapping stories she hears the tale about Raglan, and then later the tale about benedrill. Guess what the "drug they use to cancel the effects of Raglan" is? Yep, you guessed it. Benedrill. We both thought that was pretty funny. (Funny in a "really glad that didn't happen" way.)

Anyway, funny anecdotes about my medical issues aside, I am waiting to hear about the results of my blood test and hear from the oncology nurse to see when the chemo will get started. Will it be today!? Will it be Friday? Or maybe Monday!? The suspense! The weekend plans!

I am starting to feel like I want to get into this next chemo. It's the last really tough chemo of this round of chemos, so I'd like to get it over with. However I do enjoy a bit of freedom here and there. We'll see how it goes. Pray for wisdom for the doctors that they know the right thing to do with me. Pray for continued peace for me in whatever the doctor's think is best.


P.s. Looks like I'll be starting chemo on Friday.

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  1. Hey, steve and steph here in Zambia, reading your blog and praying for you... THought your story was pretty funny. You may want to hold onto that bit of info:) Hang in there, my friend... You are an inspiration and encouragement...


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