Thursday, September 20

Travel Pie

"The universe is a big place, perhaps the biggest." -Kurt Vonnegut

I think it is with rare exception that people like to travel. Who doesn't enjoy the thrill of seeing something new and wondrous at least some time in their life? Ever since high school I have been bitten by the "travel bug" as it were. I went to Italy, Slovakia, Denmark and Budapest during my Jr. and Sr. year of high school with a select drama group. I am glad that my first experience in Europe wasn't England or some other heavily westernized European state. I think it gave me a much better taste for what some of the "other parts" of the world look and feel like.

Then I got the chance to travel some more in college. First to Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg and Chelny) and then about a week later to Spain. (Toral, Leon, Madrid) Lisa and I had a trip booked to England this fall where we were planning on going from tip to tip in England and spending two weeks seeing some of the places I had only heard about. Of course other things came up (cancer) and we had to cancel our travel plans. Now, As many of you know I enjoy writing. I enjoy putting words about my experience on a page. I've always thought it would be interesting to write about the travel experiences I have had, or will have. With that in mind I put a couple of "travel writing" books in my wish list and thought that maybe someday I'd pick them up and find out a little more about the craft of travel writing. This would also give me a chance to vicariously "get out" and try my hand at not really going somewhere for vacation.

The other day I got a package in the mail from and low and behold it had two of the books I had been looking at in it. It seems that Robb Stanky and his finance Jessie Oberholser had gifted me with thee books. I hope it's because they enjoy my writing and want to see more of it. It has inspired me once again to think, and dream on travel. No matter how small to take enjoyment in the chances I get to see something new. (Which makes me think that I just might write up a "travel" guide for hospitals given the chance later. (aside from peanut gallery: And assuming you remember anything.)) Either way, a big thanks to them for thinking of me and my future. (I'm sure you guys will get a mention in my first couple of books...)

In other news (a popular phrase around here... and I bet you can't guess who can't sleep...) I made a pie yesterday. Peach pie to be exact, fresh. Lisa and I went to th store the other night and picked up all the ingredients and yesterday in a series of up and downs from the couch the pie was made. We consumed part of it when Lisa's folks came over last night to visit. Nothing like fresh cut peach pie with a little bit of glazing on it. (I didn't do my own crust by the by, I didn't have that much energy. Marie Calendar's frozen crust came to the rescue. The real hero was the peaches anyway, the crust, as long as it's not horrible, is just there to hold it all together right?) I think perhaps I'll end up having some for breakfast... odds are good that it probably has less sugar in it than a danish or other such sweet breakfast item. There is nothing wrong with fruit pie for breakfast.

In health news my mouth is starting to be a bit more sore, but other than a general "feeling low" nothing much more. I thank you for your continued prayers in the health department.



  1. Hurrah! The books finally made it. Enjoy!

    And peach pie does sound mighty delicious. I am looking forward to making a pumpkin pie from scratch again. Those are the best and I highly recommend it.

  2. I know some members of my extended family used to eat pie for breakfast, and pour milk all over it...nothing like soggy pie :-)

  3. I personally have eaten pie for breakfast many times -- usually pumpkin, around Thanksgiving, but also chocolate-pudding cherry pie and apple pie. What's the difference between pie and a turnover, really?

    Also, I'm one of your exceptions. I honestly do not like traveling that much.

  4. I'm expecting you to visit us in jolly old England next year:-)


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