Thursday, September 27

To All you Pray-ers out there

Okay, so in "normal life" both Ben and I get regular headaches, but I think he's been getting more post-chemo and he's definitely had more serious migraines. And I've had normalish migraines once a weekend, or more.

Anyway, he's had frequent headacheyness is the past couple of days. There is no happy time or place for headaches, so I don't know if having them in the hospital where you aren't required to do anytime but also have other ichyness going on is better or worse than being otherwise healthy but required to function and work and/or socialize. I guess I could ask Ben what he thinks, since he's been in both situations :)

I'm listening to Philip Yancy's "Prayer" on audiobook-- it's soooo good. In the first chapters he's bringing up a lot of the questions and problems I have with prayer, and not answering them, which is good because they seem more valid as they are left hanging-- there are no pat answers. However, I think the rest of the book he's going to expound on what he has discovered in his research and personal life, which I'm eager to hear.


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  1. Anonymous9:35 PM

    May both your heads be empty of aches and your hearts be full of His peace.
    Praying for you often.
    Mare Sullivan


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