Wednesday, September 5

Shleepy time

Blood work from yesterday, haven't seen it, but I got a call from a nurse who asked if I was feeling "pretty tired or short of breath". No, no I'm not. I feel pretty good. "Huh, you counts are pretty low and we'd like to get you in for a blood transfusion... we're pretty busy, would Wednesday afternoon work for you?" Yes, sounds good. "Ok, I'll call you back with details in a few minutes." Ok, talk to you then.

A couple of minutes later...

"The infusion center is all booked up and they can't really fit the kind of time [4 to 6 hours] needed to do your transfusion at the moment, because of the long weekend and all, so the doctor and I decided you probably don't need blood because you're feeling fine. If that changes let us know." Ok, sounds good to me. Sitting in a hospital room for 4 to 6 hours isn't my idea of fun.

More blood work tomorrow morning, then a doctor's appointment in the afternoon. I am hoping that no one says, "Wow, you need a transfusion, how's now or tomorrow work for you?" Mainly because Lisa and I had plans to go up to the island for the weekend. I kind of think at the rate I am going that chemo starting next week won't happen... but who knows. Maybe it will. I am guessing not.

In other news I am now a part-time employee of Taproot Theatre. A full 40 hours at TTC was hard to find enough to do since I had fixed everything. This leaves me a chance to find something else to do with my free time. (When I get better assuming...) Which I might already have something in the works as well, but we'll see how that pans out before I type up a paragraph on it here.

Today Lisa and I took a money saving measure and switched to Comcast for internet and got rid of our account with Verizon. (didn't need that phone line either...) Should save a couple bucks a month.

So prayer requests: That I continue to heal, that this next round of chemo (starting next week or not) might not be as bad as the 3 other types that proceeded it. Yes I'll be in the hospital only 4 days (as opposed to the 6 or 7 of the last two chemos) but the 1st three chemos hit me pretty hard. I would REALLY like to avoid a 2nd hospital visit after this next round, but God knows what he is doing. Pray for Lisa as this next round approaches that she can continue to work well and find time to be with me.

Thanks everyone for your support! Your prayers mean a lot to me. Lisa's birthday party is on Sunday night, hopefully we can ring in her 25th in style.



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