Thursday, September 6

Possibilities and poets

Ok, so this post has almost nothing to do with the title, but I liked the conjoining of those two words. Kind of a good name for a CD or something.

I FINALLY saw the results from my last blood work this morning. My white count and platelets were surprisingly higher than I thought they would be. (Compared to how low my "hermatacrit" was) So I guess after this weekend that I can probably expect to be starting round 6 of chemo. (deep breath) It's funny how the human body works.

Doctor's Appointment this afternoon, hopefully just more of the same stuff I'm expecting. "You look good, counts are a little low, but I think we can get by, probably starting on Monday or Tuesday or next week depending on what your blood looks like Monday morning. Have a good weekend!" I'll let you know if things aren't that way.



  1. Hang in there...

    Sometimes I wish I had your trial. Sometimes being healthy with other problems that exist for lifetime can be worse. Physical or spiritual, we all have a trial...

    ...praying for you...

  2. Nice to see the update on the website! Sheli and I just got the interweb this morning, so I am glad to read up on the progress. Anyhow, I'll see you tomorrow. You guys should make a trip down here sometime, it is pretty darn cool. (See pictures on facebook!)
    I hope you are having fun on whidbey


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