Saturday, September 29

New Record! What do we win?

I'll ask Ben to post today or tomorrow sometime, but in the meantime you'll have to do with me :) Ben's blood counts are still really low, so he'll still be in the hospital over the weekend and maybe into next week. He has a fever and is getting platelets, blood and antibiotics fed into his line. If he's still in tommorrow, it will break his personal record for time spent consecutively in the hospital-- more than a week! Woo-hoo!

Based on a conversation with Ben about my last post, I'm going to clarify something. When I say "migraine," I mean "Debilitating headache which causes fuzzy thinking, nausea, light and noise sensitivity, and achy muscles." Usually for me there's pain in the head too, although with a "painless migraine" I'll have all the other symptoms without the head pain. Ben gets "painFUL migraines" by these definition, and when I wrote that he's having migraines, that's what I meant.

Ben, however, means "Debilitating headache which causes temporary blindness, numbness of various limbs, and excruciating pain in the head, plus all the symptoms of Lisa's migraine." He pointed out this is what "migraine" means in the context of his blog, and that I was misleading people into thinking that he was suffering horribly. So I'd let to set the record straight: he hasn't had any migraines of this description lately.

On to other news: I renewed my driver's license today. It took almost two hours total. The positive side of this was that I had time to dash to the ATM while I was in line so that I could pay in "cash or check only!" and still read my magazine for an hour before it was my turn.

Also, here's a theological point to ponder. At what point are mistakes made in ignorance sin? For example, if I take something that I thought was free but was actually merchandise, am I stealing? As Jesus was learning to become a carpenter, did he accidently cut his little brother's hand? Ignorant mistakes can hurt people and require forgiveness, so it seems like maybe Jesus died for them too. However, Jesus never sinned, so anything he did in ignorance wasn't a sin. He didn't die for anything he did. Jesus probably set aside his omniscience to become man (Phillipians 2, and any passage which says/implies that Jesus didn't stick out growing up), and if he didn't know everything he certainly made mistakes-- though we can see from his study of scripture as a boy that he did his best to acquire knowledge in the important things, and also that he always acted in God's will and received supernatural knowledge and power from God quite often in his ministry.

My sister and I had a long instant message conversation about this yesterday, and she was wise against my devil's advocate. Ultimately, it ended at "Chalk that up on the list of questions for God!" "Chalk that up" is becoming an anachronistic phrase, isn't it?


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