Sunday, September 2

New look... and feel

Hello everyone, it's been a while now since I've changed layouts (last time I was at SPU, so it's been a at least a year.) I happened to like this one and thought it needed minimal tweaking. Some notes on usage: The little lever that says "pull" on it needs a single click and it'll pull the menu down from the top. (Pretty cool) Then all of my links are stored down at the bottom, so you can hit the "recent" (or links) menu item or you can just scroll down to the bottom.

Also a search box has been added so it is now possible to search all 5.5 years of 802heaven's archives! If you happen to have any problems with the site feel free to let me know.

Thanks for reading again, and thank you for the continued prayers. I'll have more tomorrow on what kept Lisa and I busy today!



  1. Anonymous7:59 PM

    Hi, Ben. Fun new look on your blog. Very organic. On my monitor, the contrast between the background color and the date/# of comments text is so low as to be almost undiscernible. Maybe it's just my computer, but greater contrast would be helpful to my "old" eyes!
    God bless,
    Mare Sullivan

  2. Very much like the new look. Maybe its just I like a change of things.

    The one thing that I would put down in the "con's" section, is that I have to go the actual post to then be able to post a comment. No comment link directly from main page.

    But that's something minor.


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