Tuesday, September 25

My Friend Luke O. Site

Hello boys and girls,
Live here from the hospital. Not a whole lot to report. I've been chill'n here on the 15th floor of VM just spending my time just doing this and that. Read a little, watch a little TV, do some writing. I've been going up and down with fevers as well so in mornings and in the evenings I've had to deal with that.

Sounds like I'll be confined to the hospital until Thursday or Friday sometime. Hopefully not any later than that. Please pray that I would use my time well here, that despite the fact that I am just sitting around I might be able to get some things done. (I'm editing a novel for a friend) Thanks so much for all your prayers. Lisa has been a real trooper this week coming out in the evenings and hanging out with me.

I'd like to write more but it is late and Lisa needs to get home. I'll post more from the wee mornings when I get home.



  1. I read the title of the post and just shook my head. Good to know you're still thinking positivly. I think my sore throat is gone, so hopefully I'll be able to see you sometime this week, though it may not be until Saturday; this beginning of the year thing is busy. I'm still praying and checking for updates. See you soon.

  2. Any possible Star Wars-Immunology spoof or spin-off? (that's the first thing I thought of when I saw the name Luke). Still prayin' for you and reading the blog regularly.


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