Friday, September 21

My First ABCs of Cancer

A is for Adavan: Which helps with anxiety and in my case nausea.
B is for Bed: Where I spend lots of time. (Hospital and Home)
C is for Chemo: Ranging from short or long.
D is for Dexamethasone: A steroid that takes away the nausea.
E is for Emergency Room: Where they take me when I have pain.
F is for Friends: Who visit while I'm sick.
G is for Groshong: How they give and take fluids from my body.
H is for Hospital: Some are very good and others are not so good.
I is for Internet: Which I should use never to look any drugs, symptoms, or cancers.
J is for Just this right now: And not time for anything else. (beating cancer)
K is for Killer: That's what cancer can be to you and I.
L is for Leukocytes: Also called white blood cells, they keep me healthy.
M is for Mesna: That protects the kidney and liver from Chemo drugs.
N is for Nurses: Who look after cancer patients like me.
O is for Overly-long stays in the hospital: 7 days is just too much.
P is for Parents: Who support me all the time.
Q is for Questionable: Which describes the Eastside Group Health Hospital.
R is for Radiation: They say I'll have to have this...
S is for Surgery: I'll get it before radiation, to remove the cancer particles.
T is for Tumor: which resides in my abdomen.
U is for Urgent care: What I get when I don't have an immune system.
V is for Vinchristine: A powerful chemo drug.
W is for Wife: Who stays beside me through thick and thin.
X is for X-cancer patient: Is what I want to be!
Y is for You: who is reading and praying for me!
Z is for Zofram that takes away the nausea.

Now I know my cancer ABCs next time won't you pray with/ for me?



  1. Wow! That is really informative!! The white blood cells may be lacking, but the creativity certainly isn't! Thanks for taking the time to blog that! (at 3:20 a.m., there's probably not a lot else to do, huh?)

    Your supportive Mom

  2. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Wow, you do have time on your hands! :-)


  3. Haha, that's awesome! It's great to see that even though you're not feeling the best, you're keeping your creativity and sense of humor!

  4. Hey Ben! I just wanted to let you know that I work next door to the Eastside Group Health Hospital, I actually park in their parking lot. If you ever have to stay there let me know and I'll come play Scrabble with you. You can use all those cool words you just wrote and beat me =)

  5. Anonymous8:18 AM

    I am p-r-a-y-i-n-g for you right now.
    P - praising God's faithfulness
    R - reflecting on this season
    A - admiring your perseverance
    Y - not knowing Y this is happening
    I - intent in His will
    N - not ceasing in intercession
    G - grace for the journey

    Mare Sullivan


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