Monday, September 10

Looks like another week of "maybe"

Blood work this morning looks like I'm going to have some more time to kill this week. Which actually works out because I have things to do at both of the jobs I have. Oh... did I not mention the second job I got? I'll be working with a long-time friend at Northshore Baptist Church as the part-time IT assistant. Their current one decided she had had enough and went on to do other things. Thus without an interview I have another job. Tomorrow I'll be working with NSB most of the day and Wednesday I'll be at Taproot doing some odds and ends.

Today is a big happy 25th birthday to my wonderful wife of 2 years, Lisa. We're just about to head out to dinner with her family. I am sooooooo incredibly greatfull for her and her 25 years. I love you babe!

Thanks again for all the prayers! I'll keep you all informed about when chemo starts up again.



  1. Anonymous10:19 PM

    Hi Ben,

    Just wanted you to know that I threw down my purse and remembered that I should put the new registration tag on my car, so I grudgingly went back outside with only a half hour before I had to leave again. An older lady, who I had never spoken to before, was walking her huge dog - so of course, I had to comment. To shorten a really long story (she's 70), I felt lead to share your story with her. Turns out (coincidentally?) that she is a Christian who instantly asked, "What your nephew's name? We'll pray for him." These things happen everyday. Your are loved and prayed for by so many. Keep up the good fight.


  2. Wow... thanks for sharing that Margaret! God works in some crazy cool ways!



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