Tuesday, September 4

Goodbye Summer

I would say that summer has officially ended now that the "kids" are back in school and those college "kids" are heading that way as well. Yesterday was a kind of final salute to summer and today echo's that by promising to be a little more fall-like.

Yesterday Lisa worked so that she could take Friday off. I did some things around the house and watched an auction of mine end. Then we went over to my parents house for some dinner and sat around chatting there for a bit.

In other news I am feeling pretty good, low on lots of energy, but still feeling well enough to get up and do things around the house (like laundry) and I'll most likely be out shopping for Lisa's party today as well. Blood draw this morning and we'll see how low everything is and what it did over the weekend.

And finally in blog news I have crested the 1200 number for posts I have made. Makes sense it was time for a layout change.

Prayer request this week is about that the people looking at my blood work will know the right thing to do about when I'll be starting my next round of chemo. Also that I will continue to heal and that God will work through all these drugs and just destroy the cancer in my body. Thanks everyone for your wonderful support. Remember that God provides!

P.S. Best of "luck" to all you educators that start today or tomorrow.



  1. dear ben,

    i am glad you are feeling better. you and lisa are both in my prayers. and i love the new layout! (robb just moved to wisconsin a couple of weeks ago and is starting is PhD program!)

    take care!

    jessie o

  2. Thanks Ben! I'll take that luck for my schooling. I'll take it and I'll run with it.

    It was great talking with you yesterday.


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