Tuesday, September 18

Eye'm home again

Little play on words there for you. (I know you all know I don't ever do that...) I make the joke about eyes because this chemo seems to have been playing with my eye sight. I don't actually know if it's the chemo or if it was just the fact that I was inside under florescent lighting for the past 4 days. Anyway, I am home now and not feeling too poorly this morning. Had breakfast, got my meds down and took a shower without any issues. I can already feel the "thrush" in my mouth though. It's funny how this round of chemo seems to bring that out almost instantly. It's like it's included with the drugs. This will hopefully be the last time I'll be dealing with this. Who knows though, God knows what he is doing.

I would like to thank Lisa for her wonder words and taking care of the blog while I was away. It's nice not to have to fill you all in on 4 days of hospital time. She's being wonderful this week and only working part-time in the office so that she can take care of my at home should I need it. (She works while she is at home, she's just available in case I need to run off somewhere or take a turn in my health. (Plus it doesn't leave me by myself all day long as well.))

Not sure what this week will have for me. I am hoping improved eye sight and possibly not another trip to the hospital. Healthy visitors are welcome this week. Feel free to give myself or Lisa a call if you'd like to swing by and see us. Many thanks for all your love and support.



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