Sunday, September 2


This morning at church I had a friend of ours tell me that she thought I was brave. Which, of course got me thinking on the nature of bravery. I personally don't feel like I am being brave. But as per I guess I am. To face something courageously. I guess I'm not sure how else to face this. I mean do I panic and spend my time freaking out about the fact that I have cancer? Honestly that sounds like a LOT more work and effort that I am putting in right now. I think if I am brave, or courageous, it comes from God. I mean at the start of this I was SCARED, and more than a little bothered by the whole situation, but He has given me an enormous peace about the situation and has helped me through each of my chemos thus far.

If you see any bravery or courage from me know that you are seeing God in my life.



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