Tuesday, September 11

And the orange stands alone

When navel oranges are 10 for 10 bucks you can bet they will go fast. However this poor fellow was the only one left standing when the music stopped. Is he the "ugly duckling" of the orange world? Who knows. Maybe one orange isn't as exciting as buying ten at once.

In other news I spent a few hours at my new job at Northshore Baptist getting papers signed and other stuff. Looks like it'll be a fun and challenging job, while at the same time allowing me to continue helping Taproot out with everything they need doing.

The strange part about this whole cancer/ chemo thing has been the not knowing what is going to happen in a couple of days, much less a week or even a month from now. I know non of us REALLY know what will happen in a couple of days or even a month, but it's just more painfully obvious when you are aware of that fact. I think it's pretty easy to fool ourselves into thinking we know what we are going to do in a couple of days, or weeks, or even 6 months from now. Today is the day that Lisa and I planned 8 months ago to be going to England for 2 weeks. As you all know, we're not going to England. We had to cancel the tickets and our trip plans so that I could try and get better. We'd like to make plans to go to England again sometime, but at this point in our lives we just don't know what the future holds. So, we'll socket away the money that we were able to scavenge from canceling plane tickets (They charged us 250 per ticket after we canceled!!) and hope that sometime in the future God will bless us with a wonderful trip.

Thanks for all your support everyone! Pray that chemo side effects will be gentle but the effects against the cancer will be great! Let the Lord work in my body!



  1. Control is such an illusion....

  2. All the paperwork and tours and meetings and you still got stuff done that no one has gotten to in months. :)

    - Your new/other boss.


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