Sunday, September 23

Ben gets (medical) attention

Here we are again at the good ol' VM. Ben ordered grilled cheese, but could only eat the soup because his mouth is hurting. He's been sleeping most of the day, as he was up half the night in the ER then the other half waiting to talk to the hall doctor and receiving all the professional visits one gets in the early morning hospital.

He's here because he had a fever last night, but now that's gone and he's stayed for the drugs that help his pain and nausea and precarious blood situation. All the wonderful parents visited today, bringing me coffee and dinner and conversation while Ben's slept. The impression that we got was that they'll only keep him here for a couple of days this time, but we'll see. In any case, I think he's kinda glad to be here; when we found out that he had a fever last night he said "Thank goodness!" Well, praise God again that we are so near such good medical care and that we are insured (thank you Taproot!). After the first month we haven't had to pay for any of the hospital visits, just doctor, drug and ER co-pays, which has made living on my salary quite do-able.

Some people have asked if I'm taking care of myself. I guess if that means getting enough food and sleep and cutting my toenails, yes I am :) Between you and I, not only do I feel awful when I skip meals and sleep but I get sick quite easily, which isn't an option with taking care of Ben. For awhile I wasn't taking care of my spiritual needs as I should, but now I put more effort into that.

Completely different topic: yesterday we bought a dresser, a computer, a fan, paper shredder, side table and a few other odds and ends from our friends the Shrocks who are moving to England. It was so great-- we got some nice things we wanted for low low prices AND helped our friends out by taking things they didn't have room for and giving them money! And now we'll have someone to visit when we go to England :) Yay!

That's probably long enough, huh? I'll sign off & hopefully in a couple days Ben will be up to blogging again!

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  1. ...and I get to know that the dresser I lovingly refinished went to a good home:-)...


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