Saturday, September 1

Another untypical Friday

Friday morning Lisa needed a car-mate to venture up north to the wilds of the City of Monroe, so I volunteered to come with her. We spent the 30-45 minutes driving up there, she dropped something off at city hall and we were ready to go back. But WAIT! We hadn't had breakfast yet. We we headed back down the road a little bit to a place called the "Wicked Baking Company". (if I had a link I would provide it) We sauntered in took a look at their offering. Cinnamon Rolls, walnut sticky buns, scones, cookies, etc etc. After a quick glance it was 2 cinnamon rolls, with raisins, for the lady and I.

Lisa's first bite: Wow!
Ben's first bite: My goodness!

To sum up the cinnamon rolls were, we agreed, both the best we had ever tasted. The fillings were great, the frosting was good, and the bread was wonderful. We made jokes about Lisa finding excuses to drive up to Monroe for work all the time now. Anyway, if you get a chance try it out. Wonderful stuff.

Then when we got back my mom and I went on a secret mission. (Speaking of which if you plan to attend Lisa's birthday party I need you to RSVP ASAP)

Then Pam Nolte brought us over a wonderful dinner. (Also if you are interested in helping out with dinners or something like that please contact Cheryl Gilbert at summer665 @t yahoo d0t c0m) A big thanks to the Nolte's, and everyone who has brought us dinner, generosity.

Then a couple hours later I went to the ER at Virginia Mason. I had a fever and some nasty back pain and Lisa and I weren't sure if I'd be staying or not. So we did the "pack up a bunch of stuff" and head the hospital routine. When we got there and then got into a room they said I didn't have a fever (good) and then gave me some drugs for my back pain. (very good) Then (eventually) we went home. (I think it was 1 or something when we got back) When we were leaving the ER they had a sign up that said the waiting time for the ER would be 1 to 2 hours. (Which I found funny because they kept me in that room for the last 30 minutes we were there not doing anything.) I wanted to clear out of there so that people (who were lined up on beds in the hall) could actually get into rooms. I mean really, if I could have left 30 minutes earlier and got one of those people in the hall out of the hall they should have done it.)

So Lisa and I slept in late today, polished off the rest of the Cinnamon rolls and will hopefully be spending the day with friends. (And me being very germ cautious)

Thanks again for everyone's support. I guess it's not a round of chemo without at least ONE trip to the ER.



  1. Being that we were helping w/ Adam & Sheli's move today, I couldn't tell you earlier, but I felt quite sick last night. I was achy, nauseous, and felt feverish. Hopefully, it was just sympathy pains for what you were going through at about the same time! At any rate, I certainly hope you don't catch whatever I had that my body quickly fought off. I know your immune system is quite compromised!! I'm feeling fine now. Weird stuff!


  2. Better than the Maltby Cafe?!!

  3. Yeah, Katie,
    I think all the Maltby Cafe has going for it is that they are home made cinnamon rolls that happen to be larger than your head. Taste wise I can think of several places that provide a better cinnamon roll than the MC. (sorry)

    So yes, Better than the Maltby Cafe.



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