Sunday, August 26

A new morning

Thus far I am happy to report that I have had no migraines since coming home. I have had a headache (small) since last night, but honestly if I have to have a head issue of some sort I will take a small to mild headache over a migraine any day of the week.

Due to the fact that I have a "central line" (IE: Groshong) installed in my chest I have been pretty hesitant about taking showers because if the dressing (the place where the little rubber tubes enter my body) gets wet you have to change said dressing. (Which isn't a HUGE hassle, but it's more work than I really want to do to take a shower.) So I've been sponge bathing for the past couple of months (It's become something of an art form) and just recently I've gotten up the courage to enter the shower again, just being very careful where the water goes. I tell myself I could have done this earlier, but in reality I don't think I could have. I don't think I would have had the energy to stand up and/or balance in the shower for any length of time before I had the time off from the round 3 and 4 chemos. Anyway, I am excited that this morning I got up and spent a decent amount of time enjoying the feeling of hot water cascading over my body for the first time in a couple of months. (If it wasn't for the fact that I lost my hair I probably would have gone mad without a shower, but when there isn't any hair to wash you really don't get as dirty.)

Now that you know WAY more about me than you probably wanted to I am going to go find something to eat for breakfast, and maybe if the energy level holds out, go to church in a few hours!

Thanks for the prayers and the support! I am VERY excited about being out of chemo this week, probably more so than any other chemo to date. I think I am going to try and enjoy this span of time between chemos SO much more than I have before. Don't hesitate to put in your requests now, just realize that if something comes up those plans might need to change. Pray for healing!

Also while I am here I thought I might give a prayer plug to a church acquaintance of mine, Christy Crawford. She's a couple years younger than I am and was recently diagnosed with a microadenoma in her pituitary gland. (Tumor) The good news it is benign and they are going to try and control it with meds, but that still doesn't make the situation any less scary especially since there is the looming "threat" of brain surgery to remove it. That said please keep her in your prayers as well. (I mentioned to her online that we're going to need to start a "people under 30 that have cancer" group at church, but that no one would really want to join it.)


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