Wednesday, August 22

Mid-week report

Hello Ben's adoring public!

The good news is that he started chemo at 5pm on Monday! That's really early compared to the past, and means we'll get out earlier on Saturday! Also, he was doing really well last night when I saw him. Our friend Marissa made us some delicious muffins that I'm eating right now...

Sadly, I just talked to Ben on the phone (that's not sad-- here's the sad part:) and he had a rough night. Apparently, he was throwing up and having other problems. Then his blood sugar got low and the nurse gave him a Pepsi(at 6am) to help. This made him sick again. I'm not sure if the cause of this trouble is the chemo drugs or the blood transfusion that he received through the night-- but please pray for him!


1 comment:

  1. Contrary to some employees of Microsoft, Pepsi at 6 a.m. just doesn't sound like a good thing ever, cancer or no! Mom always gave 7-Up--what WERE they thinking! :-)



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