Sunday, August 19

Long weekend

It's been a long weekend. Typically I would have found time to make a blog entry but with having Wes up from California a lot of my spare time has been filled up with hanging out with him and Ryan.

Friday Ryan and I picked Wes up from the airport and spent most of the day just sitting around Ryan's condo talking. Saturday Lisa, Wes, Ryan and I went to see the movie "Stardust" and then we (Lisa and I) had them (Wes and Ryan) over for dinner. Which of course kept us up late into the night. Today we went to church (soooo good to be able to get to church and see people) then lunched at Applebees, and then Ryan, Wes and I went back to Ryan's place and played Xbox for a bit then watched "The Last Samurai" on HD DVD. (Wes hadn't seen an HD DVD movie yet) A good weekend filled with lots of fun times with good friends.

This next week I will (90%) probably be starting chemo. It's hard right now because I feel really good, I feel like I am healing, and at this point in my life all the "suffering" I've got through has been because of the chemo drugs. It's intimidating to go back to feeling as well as I do and knowing that I will get sick again. No matter my attitude in the hospital typically at the end of the chemo, when I am home for the first time in a week or so, my attitude can be pretty bad. I'm horribly tired and my body feels beaten up. I need prayer for my attitude during chemo, and after that I would be nice to people no matter what I feel like. (Especially Lisa, who has to live with me!) I would also like prayer this week for good use of my time. God has blessed me with many things to keep me busy, from audio books, to small video games, to movies, to people. Pray that I would use this time well.

And finally pray that at the end of this chemo I wouldn't be plagued by migraines again. They are REALLY hard on my body and the pain is mind shattering.

Overall God knows what I need though and weather it is migraines, more time in the hospital, or an extra week off, I can only trust Him and know that He is good and knows what is He is doing in my life far, far better than I do.


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  1. Great to see you guys on sunday! I am glad we got to chat for a little bit. I am so praying for you this week for God's strength!


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