Wednesday, August 29

Another day and you're another day older...

Nothing like a nice Seattle day to help take your mind off things like cancer. Lisa spent the day at work today and got her time in before she came home. (Yay!) So then we enjoyed dinner (Graciously provided by the Fitches) out on the patio.

Not much happened today. I found some old vhs tapes and watched the Senior Video from when I graduated. I would hazard to guess I almost back to the weight I was in high school. (Much more stylish now I think thanks to my wonderful wife)It was kind'a strange seeing some of those people again. Some of them (most of them) I remembered but a few I was like, "Oh yeah... huh." Of course it makes me wonder what people are up to now and what they look like.

Thanks again for all the prayer support. I am feeling pretty good today. Tomorrow I am getting blood drawn and I am hopiong they don't want me to have a blood transfusion. They are horrible boring and the Eastside hospital is NOT a place I really want to be. Oh well, we will figure it out when tomorrow comes I assume.



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