Monday, December 18


This weekend has been crazy. Lisa and I were downgraded to "refugee" status when the weather hit "crazy cold" and we decided that maybe sleeping in the cold was a bad idea. A BIG BIG thanks to both my Grandparents in Everett who have power for sharing their showers and warm food with us, as well as the Kirks in Issaquah (whose power came on this morning) who shared their warm house with us as a means to get some sleep.

Thursday night was when we lost power and as of this writing I'm not sure we have power yet. Lisa's parents got power this morning about 11am, but when I checked out place at 9 this morning it was still dark and cold. Easily the longest I've ever been without electricity of any kind to call our own. On the upside we weren't spending any money on power bills. On the downside we had planned to do some serious cleaning of the condo on Saturday.

Either way it's been a great exercise in dealing with each other and with other people when we are tired, stressed out, and hungry. A big thanks to everyone who has put up with us as we've moved from place to place.

Hopefully the power will be back on when I get home tonight!



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