Friday, December 8

Johnny Come-Lately

Most of the time I think my "anti-what-everyone else is doing" attitude serves me well. (At least through school) In some regards it has severed me well to go against the grain, but sometimes, and in one case that I'm thinking of, I think this is hurting me. This area is Music. (And wouldn't "Johnny Come-Lately" be a SWEEET name for a band? (Makes me want to start a rock/ post-punk band just so I could use the name.)) Case in point:
Let's start simple: James Blunt, "You're Beautiful", great song. I didn't discover/ find out about this song until the whole ISLAND of the United Kingdom was so sick of this song they voted it the best single of the year.
Moving up the ladder, Michael Buble: I've just started to really get into his voice and style and when was his last CD? Almost 3 years ago.
Continuing up the music chain we find ourselves at Matchbox 20: Their "hay-day" was while I was in High School. When did I discover them? When I was almost done with College.
And this lands us at the reason for this post, Snow Patrol: So I've heard the name enough on the radio to have no excuse not to give them a listen. They were in town last night for a concert (as well as the incomparable Pete Yorn) and I kept hearing about it. I however considered that if such a large concert was going on that I would indeed not like the music. So this morning I decided that as I was sitting here at work trying to wrap my mind around the simple coding known as CSS, that I would tune out the office around me, and I happened to fall on Snow Patrol. "Hey this stuff isn't so bad!" (Who knew?)


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  1. Who knew, indeed :) You should check out Pandora.


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